Additional Incentives to Change to Energy Efficient Windows

Aside from the tax break allowed on the 2011 taxes and hopefully on 2012 taxes as well, there are other programs around the nation that offer additional incentives. Just like with your taxes though, they are more in the category of getting a discount on switching to energy efficient windows and not being paid to switch over.

Each of these smaller incentive programs are state specific and can even be power company specific to be able to qualify for them. In other words, you can’t qualify for an incentive that is offered for customers of a Southern California power company of you live in Kentucky.

Energy Efficient Incentive Loans and Grants

Switching over to energy efficient windows can be expensive; depending on the windows you chose and the area of the country you live in. To help you out, some private and government agencies offer low interest or zero interest loans to help you buy your windows. This can make it a lot easier to make the switch without having to find the available cash to pay for it or have to charge it on a higher interest credit card.

Because a number of these loans are available through power companies, they simply add in your loan payment to your power bill. With the money that you will be saving on your power bill from the energy efficient windows, you may not see that big of a difference in your bill after the loan payment is added.

Grants are even available through some agencies. The availability highly depends on government funding or private donations that are received by the agency. If you qualify for one, you could get energy efficient windows installed in your home at no cost to you.

Energy Efficient Incentive Rebates

Another option that is available is a decrease in the price of the energy efficient window itself. The decrease in price is offered through a percentage off the cost or a specific dollar amount being removed from the cost of the window. The decrease in price is either offered directly through the manufacturer or through an agency that will pay the amount that is removed off the cost you will pay.

Other Energy Efficient Incentives

Now this may not get you energy efficient windows in your home, but energy audits are every bit as important. Free energy audits are offered by various sources to help you determine what you can improve in your home to decrease the amount of energy that is wasted.

As an example, they can help you determine if you need new energy efficient windows or if you just need to caulk the areas around your windows to keep the heating or air conditioning in.

If you are interested in more information or for a list of the Energy Efficient Windows programs available in the Kentucky area, download this pdf from the Efficient Windows Coalition.

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