Window Spot Cleaning Tips

Sometimes keeping the windows on your house clean and easy to see out of can be quite the chore. Aside from the normal dust and grime that accumulates on window glass, there are also those hard to clean spots. These spots stand out and can drive you crazy because they get in the way of your view, and on upper level windows, they can be difficult to get to for cleaning.

With some spots it’s easy to figure out where they came from (like sprinklers, road splashes and such) and steps can be taken to avoid further spots from forming on the window. Other window spots are a mystery and cannot be avoided; you just have to clean them up over and over again.

Water Spots

Water spots are a common problem for most home owners. It doesn’t matter if they are from hard water or just dried on by the sun, they are hard to remove. In most cases, regular window cleaner does not do the job to remove this type of spot, especially if they have been allowed to build up for a long time.

An easy and common solution for removing these spot is to use white vinegar. Try a solution of 1 cup of warm water and 1 cup of white vinegar with a sponge to clean off the spots. Then immediately dry the window with a squeegee. If the spots still refuse to leave, try another solution that has more white vinegar than water (i.e. ½ cup warm water and 1 ½ cups of white vinegar).

If the spots are extremely stubborn, you may end up having to use straight white vinegar on the window to remove the spots. Use caution over greenery below the windows. While vinegar is great for windows, it is not so great for plants. Do Not use vinegar in a hose distribution system.

Yellow Mystery Spots

In some areas, mysterious yellow spots appear on the windows of some homes. These spots are almost impossible to remove and some wonder if they are harmful. They are also only found in specific locations in an area. A company in California (Elite Window Washing) researched the issue and discovered that these mysterious yellow spots are actually bee droppings. The droppings are the released after the bee has finished digesting the pollen it has ingested. The specific locations that these yellow spots are found are within the strict flight patterns that bees follow back and forth from their hive.

The only effective way to clean these yellow spots from your windows is with purified water. No soap, no chemicals, just purified water. You can try to clean it off yourself with a sponge or hire a professional window cleaner that can use a special cleaning pole that releases the purified water as the pole scrubs your window.

Purchase Windows that Are Easy to Clean

None of these tips will help you clean damaged glass or window frames that need repair. To save yourself the time and trouble of having to find special cleaners and remedies that clean hard to remove material from your windows, look for windows that are specially designed to be easier to clean. When you do decide that it is time to replace your windows, either to enhance the look of your home or to switch to energy efficient windows, then is the time to look for easy to clean, maintenance free replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen.

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