Low-E Glass Windows. What are they?

Windows come in all shapes, sizes and even different types of glass. Some glass is plain; other glass is specially made to control the heat and sunlight that is allowed through the glass. Low-E is an abbreviation for “low emissivity”. Low-E glass is one of those particular types of glass coating that is much more than something just to keep the weather out of your home.

What is Low-E Glass?

Low-E glass is a regular piece of glass with a specially made surface. This surface is engineered to bounce the heat away from the window instead of allowing it inside the home. The use of Low-E glass in your windows can prevent up to 50% of energy loss.

Over the years Low-E glass has advanced in its look and effectiveness. Today’s Low-E glass is usually clear to allow light in and looks no different than regular glass. One would be hard pressed to be able to point out the homes that use Low-E glass and those that don’t. It also can now prevent most UV light from entering your home to avoid damage to your furniture and curtains from sun bleaching.

Low-E4 Glass

The Low-E4 glass that Windows by Andersen uses is a step up from the regular Low-E glass. The Low-E4 glass has more layers of coating, allowing it to control the UV rays better. It allows for the visible light to come through, but prevents the rays associated with solar heat gain. In the way of energy efficiency, Low-E4 glass keeps the heat out in the summer so that you your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you cool. It also works the opposite way and keeps the heat in during the winter to give your heater and you power bill a break. Additionally, the Low-E4 glass is coated on the outside glass with a metal oxide to reduce the amount of water spots on the window and also to make it easier to clean.

Different Versions of Low-E4 Glass

Windows by Andersen offers 3 different versions of the Low-E4 glass, showing that there are many options to choose from even when you want to be energy efficient. How each of the three versions work depends on the coatings they were created with. With Low-E glass, the number and type of coatings used to design the glass is what makes it unique from other panes of glass.

A home consultation with a representative will help you decide which version of the Low-E4 glass will work best for you and the look of your home. You can call our Lousiville Showroom at 502-266-2762, and you can reach our Lexington, KY showroom at 859-271-1645. You can also schedule a free in-home consultation today!

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