Cleaning up Bird Droppings from Your Windows

Birds are beautiful to watch and to listen to, but they make a terrible mess when they hang around too long.  The biggest and grossest mess they leave is their droppings.

Did you know that bird droppings aren’t just terrible to look at, but they also carry diseases and can damage the surface of your house and windows?

Damage to Your Windows before Cleaning up Bird Droppings

Cleaning up bird droppings from windows need to be done as soon as you find them.  If they are allowed to sit too long, the bird droppings will harden and make it difficult to remove.  For the glass in your windows, this means that trying to clean the dried bird droppings could possible scratch the glass.

If you don’t get around to cleaning up bird droppings from the edge of the windows, the uric acid that is found in the bird droppings will eat away at the materials.  This can cause permanent damage to the paint, vinyl, wood and aluminum that is around your window.

Products that Prevent Having to Clean Bird Droppings

If you are cleaning up bird droppings from birds that are perching above your windows, there are products you can install to deter the perching.  The less evasive approach is to spread a special gel in the area that the birds perch in; the gel stays sticky and makes it so the birds don’t want to perch in it.

Other options include installing bird spikes and sound emitters, both of which keep the perching birds and bird droppings completely away from the area.

Cleaning Up Bird Droppings off your Windows

Cleaning up bird droppings from your windows always needs to start by softening up the bird droppings.  Never just spray glass cleaner on the dropping and scrub from there.  This will cause you problems.

First, the bird droppings just smear around and the window gets dirtier than anything else.  Two, the material that can be found in bird droppings will just scratch your windows the more you try to wipe it up in an attempt to clean it.

The best way to start is to spray down your windows and get as much of the bird droppings as you can from the windows.  Then take a squeegee or a window scraper and scrape off as much of the droppings you can.  Once most of the droppings are off, then spray the window cleaner on the window to clean the rest.