Porch Enclosures

Renewal by Andersen has an outstanding reputation for providing the best and most complete custom window and door replacement service. Now, homeowners are able to enjoy porch enclosures from Renewal by Andersen. Imagine increasing your home’s square footage and gaining a beautiful area for family and friends.

With a porch enclosure from Renewal by Andersen, you can stop imagining all the possibilities and experience year round comfort.

Renewal by Andersen is careful to make sure your porch enclosure fits the architectural style of your home – both inside and outside. You can see it in the details, like matching the brick and architectural elements that add value and beauty to your home.

Whether you want to use the additional space as a home office, family, recreational, guest room, exercise area or just a tranquil getaway, a porch enclosure from Renewal by Andersen is the easy way to make the most of your home.

The ProblemEnclosed Porch

  • The need for additional year round space
  • The need to reduce street side noise
  • Zero lot line, no space to expand
  • New baby – the need for a toy room
  • Can’t use the porch because of allergies
  • No place for a big screen TV
  • Teenagers need a party room
  • Need more room, but can’t afford to move

The Solution

  • Enclose a porch
  • Enclose porch with windows and doors
  • Take advantage of unused porch area
  • Convert porch to a play room
  • Make a seasonal porch a year round comfort zone
  • Create a theater room on your porch
  • Take that hard-to-clean porch and convert to a party room
  • Enclose your porch for affordable expanded living space

Why Renewal by Andersen®?

  • Renewal by Andersen porch enclosures are not to be confused with pre-fabricated vinyl or aluminum sunrooms. Renewal by Andersen takes an existing structure and converts it to year round livable space while maintaining the architectural integrity of your home.
  • We want these additions to blend in architecturally with the style of your home.
  • The finished enclosure may incorporate a wide variety of energy efficient windows and doors. When required, HVA systems can be installed along with electrical outlets. Renewal by Andersen will even work with you in providing flooring for that perfect look.
  • We can handle a project from start to finish or work with your contractor to achieve your dream room.

Just think, in the ’20s, ’30s & ’40s, people spent time on their porches.There was no air conditioning, traffic was light, pollution was less, people even talked to their neighbors. Today, people seldom speak to their neighbors, let alone know them, and we sure don’t want to sit out in the heat.

The ’80s and ’90s gave rise to elaborate decks and screened enclosures with ceiling fans and fancy furniture – that nobody used because it was too uncomfortable.

Homeowners can now utilize their existing structure by converting it to year-round livable space. Renewal by Andersen can convert those areas to affordable comfort zones that will add lasting value to your home for years to come.

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